Letter from Secretary General

Dear Prospective Delegates,

 It is my immense honor, in the lieu of the Secretariat, to welcome you to the 4th edition of BacauMUN, which will be held from the 19th to the 20th of October 2018, right in the heart of Moldavia, the city of Bacau.
 Do not be fooled by the apparently small city, as the life within is kept pumped full of initiatives of this kind. We invite you to join BacauMUN, a project that was founded four years ago with the ideal to create a community of debaters. And so it did. The greatest achievement of this conference was to bring awareness to the power of speech. We take pride in all the participants that proved once again that Bacau has been put on the map of the debate-cities. The three days of the conference will show each participant how the Bacaones like to match the useful with the enjoyable.
 In the same manner as every edition, tremendously much effort has been put into coming up with subjects that engage real-life problems. Four committees and eight topics, this is the by-product of the work our Team of Chairpersons has made. Our committees will take each delegate into a trip around the world, not in eighty days, nor in three, as the preparation begins way earlier. The DISEC committee deals with Crimea and the Middle East while trying to demilitarize the zones inhabited abusively or owing nuclear armament. The Second Committee of the General Assembly, ECOFIN, will debate the most recent issues of this year: the impact of economic sanctions on countries and their usefulness and trade wars and the potential collapse of the global economy. While living in the era of speed and information, SOCHUM proposes a paradox: one might do us more harm than good while we might be deprived of the other. Finally, c’est la guerre for the Security Council that may or may not veto resolutions on the Iranian Nuclear Deal or the Venezuelan Crisis.
 The world has not yet reached peace, not there, where we might only dream to go or here, in our proximity. Do care enough to research and learn not only for yourselves but for the people whose voices are not heard. Apply to BacauMUN for a change and a challenge.
 We can be heroes, just for one day.

Warmest Regards,
Elena Câdă
Secretary-General of BacauMUN 2018